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Other Photography 

(Including a picture of a duck, for no real reason, and your viewing pleasure)

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Outdoor Family Shoots

In a world of the mobile phone camera person, we find ourselves swamped by uninspired 'selfies'. I think we'll look back on these in years to come and wonder what happened to the good old fashioned family photo album. A Finelight family day out will capture those movie style moments that we all now come to expect from a professional shoot, but also some great impromptu moments that come with an injection of fun and direction.


Price £175 - You will receive around 20-35 photos from the session (which lasts around one and a half hours) Produced on a memory stick and Emailed across, for faster access to your photos.

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Personal Portfolio

As someone that takes 1000’s of photos every month, it’s key that you understand your subject, push them to their limits, get to know them and produce a shoot that they are proud of. I do this over a series of phone calls to bounce around ideas and then have a pre-shoot meeting to talk face-face. This meeting is usually an hour or so and for me has always culminated in some great shoots. Having recently worked with Elliot Grainger (Finalist from Britain’s next top Model) I know that he loved our afternoon out, creating some diverse and memorable photos, that are a break from the normal studio shoots.

Prices £75-00 per hour PLUS an additional £75-00 for the post production/Edit - You keep all photos from the session. (The initial meet is free) 

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This beautiful occasion is one always filled with love. As much as it's all about the little person being Baptised, it's really is about family spirit and that proud feeling that your child is at the start of an amazing journey of faith, and their life ahead. Always in a beautiful building steeped in history with lovely architecture and backdrops that make a for a lovely set of photographs.

Price £250-00 (Around two and a half hours) - Includes Ceremony, Group shots and half an hour or so for drinks afterwards. Produced on a memory stick and Emailed across, for faster access to your photos.


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Engagement Parties

Always a cracking night out for guests and photographers alike.  This night is a warm up for your Wedding Day and as such is a great chance for your photographer to get to know you and your guests. Imagine having us there for your engagement party, your pre-wedding shoot and then your wedding. The ice is truly broken and relaxed photos are the order of the day.

Prices - £200 as a stand alone event OR £175 if you are using Finelight to capture your wedding day.



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Christmas Events

A culmination of twelve months hard work from Directors and staff alike. Celebrating in style is one thing, but how great would it be to have all of those great group moments, and later in the evening the embarrassing moments captured as a moment in time. In many years of corporate employment, I attended countless Christmas events and can count on one hand how many times a photographer was employed. For only a small amount more in the event budgeting you can look back on these for years to come and see how your loyal staff have grown and remember those that moved on. 

Price - £250-00 for four hours.


Anything I've missed.


Photography is as diverse as your imagination and I've shot many other events and gigs, ranging from cricket matches, rugby and football matches, men on their motorbikes, to staff photos for several local businesses for thier websites and local advertising.  This has also included wedding dress suppliers and local estate agents. So if you need a photographer and I have not mentioned the field of photography you require please get in touch to talk through your requirements and time scales, and we can talk about a pricing plan and bounce some ideas around.



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