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Pricing - INFO - FAQ's

Half Day - £650 - Choose a five hour morning slot to capture the Bride or Groom preparation, the ceremony and of course the celebratory drinks with your guests afterwards. For the group shots we'll allocate about half an hour, followed by 45mins to an hour for the married couple.

This package includes approximately 250-400 photos which have undergone a full edit and will be provided to you on an engraved memory stick. This is budgeted on five hours of attendance and the price includes our travel time to and from the venue and your home if you getting ready there.*

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The Full works - £1450 - Everything that the full day offers with the added bonus of a high quality boxed album that will last a lifetime. (Samples Available) This water-tight package also includes a SECOND PHOTGRAPHER for the entire day, meaning both of you can enjoy your wedding preparation being photographed. It also means that the crowd reaction during the ceremony is fully covered as well as many more impromptu shots during the day.

Full Day - £950 - The whole show. From the Bride or Groom making themselves look beautiful, until the first dance and everything in between. Includes a pre-wedding shoot at a location of your choice, but preferably at your chosen venue. Includes between 700-1000 photos again with a full edit and provided on an engraved heart shaped memory stick held within a small trinket box. Normally ten - twelve hours of attendance with added hours for travel.*

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Photography Products

Second Photographer £225 - Our 'Go To second photographer has shot multiple weddings and has worked with us since June 2018. Knowing each other so well, means we really can bounce off each other through the day and we exactly how each other works. This obviously means that you guys get another angle within the photography, more crowd reaction shots and we can inject a bit more fun throughout the day. (You'd expect nothing else with Dave and Steve)


Printed Photographs £30 an hour plus cost - Ideal if you want to frame certain photographs or create an album with good old fashioned photographs in it. As an album this is a great cost saving exercise and will still offer you a great keep sake to look back on over the years. In terms of costing, it will be done at cost price plus £30 an hour for my time. Costs for this service would be reduced if you send me through the photos you would like produced. Otherwise you can pick a number to have printed and leave the choices down to us, whereby we will pick our favourites.

High quality carded page, leather effect binded Album - £300

Whether you want Finelight to choose your photographs and create one of these stunning albums or you'd prefer to choose yourself, this is a keep sake that will last a lifetime. Made to the highest quality, with thick carded pages and exceptional print quality, these are a luxury item that will capture your day like nothing else. With several designs and options including leather covers we can discuss on an individual basis. Two samples available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far will you travel?

We will travel anywhere in the country and overseas.  *Additional travel fees will apply if your wedding is over 100 miles from GU14 0EY (google maps will help with this - Travel expenses are by prior agreement. No more than £100 if in Great Britain and full flight cost and accommodation if overseas.

What kind of deposit amount do you require?

We work on a 25% non refundable deposit and details will be sent to you on how to lodge payment. Exceptional circumstances can mean we can re-book you Wedding if something happens either on a personal note, Nationally or World wide. (If the date is free)

Can I pay monthly? 

Several of my past clients have paid this way and this can be set up on a monthly standing order. This can be broken down over up to twelve months or less if that suits and must be paid in full by six weeks before your wedding day. 

What is a Pre-Wedding shoot and why should we have one?

A pre-wedding shoot is available on our Full Day and Full Works package. It's a great opportunity for us to break the ice and gives me a real chance to see how you both are in front of the camera, so I can shoot more appropriately on the day. You will receive around twenty to thirty photos after the shoot and this would normally be done at your venue or somewhere close to where you live. If over 100 miles away, we ask that we meet at a nice location somewhere around half way.


Should I offer our Photographer food?

We honestly don't mind if you are feeding us or not. Most venues offer a discounted meal for your photographer if you ask them, but for us all we ask is that you let us know, as we are happy to bring a 'Cool Bag' with our own food. We normally eat while you and your guests are eating, obviously making sure that we catch the speeches.

How long will we wait for our photos?

We will aim to have your photos back within seven to ten days, but this can sometimes be up to fourteen days during busier periods and longer for bespoke products, such as a one of the personalised photograph albums.


How does you privacy policy work?

All the images taken on the day or pre-shoot remain the property of Finelight Photography , and a selected few may be used for future/current advertising. If this doesn't suit your particular situation please make your photographer aware. Normally a small advert of between ten and fifteen photographs are posted within 48 hours to give you a taster of what's to come and promote our business. Please remember to ask your guests if you believe them to be in a situation that isn't conducive to this type of advertising. A small selection of your photo's may appear on Facebook, Instagram and the Finelight Photography website, where only first names are given.

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Heart Shaped memory Stick - Included within ALL Packages

A lovely wooden, heart shaped memory stick which is personally engraved and comes packaged within a small trinket box which is also engraved. ( Or Similar)

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